What Would You Do?

You’re at a party. You were asleep. You don’t know how you got here. Somebody must have driven you here. Somebody woke you up. Somebody ushered you into the party. There are movies showing in the corners. There is a board game being played on the coffee table. But on the main screen, they force […]

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He Had Only Eyes

He had only eyes. No body, no voice, only eyes. He lived on my bedroom wall, staring down. Everyday, I’d ask, “What are you doing here?” He was still. One day, he blinked And there on the sky appeared a purple cloud I liked it, yet I asked, “What did you do?” He didn’t answer. […]

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It might as well be raining blood. Children drank and bathed and played, their laughters like prayers for the blood to keep flowing, so this life would never end, and for adults, the ichor burnt through their bones. The sands on the beach, across the street, were wet, dark, and cold. Like her rose-flavoured hot […]

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Do the Dead

Once, not even in the prime of my child hood, I knew Death. He didn’t come to me, but He gave me a present, He showed me– Love. How it happened, I don’t remember exactly. Only as much as I could. He showed me wonder, beauty, a scrying of a future paramour. The body was […]

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I wish so many parts of me Would stop thinking It’s so noisy in here When there’s only so many Of me talking

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