Dawn of Justice: God, Man, Devil | What It All Means

This has already been published in March, in a language that only one country in the world uses, so I thought I’d translate it into English. 


[Spoiler Alert; Over-Interpretations Galore; Very Long]

In order to discuss Dawn of Justice, first, we’re gonna have to go back to Man of Steel for a bit.

As we know, The man of steel has always represented the saviour. Zack Snyder also went full-on with his Christianity symbols.



Here’s a picture of Krypton. And that’s a giant phallus. There are heaps more phallic symbols on Krypton, for example, look at the vessels that send the rebels off to the ship that will take them to the Phantom Zone.


This signifies the planet’s being the fatherland to Kal-El.

When Krypton is in the danger of collapsing into itself, Jor-El puts the codex of Kryptonian genetic codes into Kal’s very being, and off they send him to Earth.

That Krypton, or the Father, within Kal is his divinity, passed onto him by his father in flesh and blood.

And one earthling child in particular who, although hostile towards him at fist, seems to respect Clark, and even a little intimidated by what he knows Clark can do, is named Pete. Aka Peter. Aka One of the apostles, and the first Pope of the Catholic church.


When Zod and army come for the prodigal son, Clark decides to consult a priest about what he should do. And the picture above is self-explanatory. Of course, Superman is going to have to sacrifice himself juuust like somebody.

U.S. Army the Judas, of course, complies with the aforementioned army, handing Karl to the Roman soldiers.

Which leads to this shot.


Oh, well.

He is crucified, comes back to earth, and the battle starts.

The code they use for military aircrafts in MoS was ‘angel’, for guardian angels, and when they go down, you guessed it, it becomes fallen angels.

Not to mention all the El and Al (Faora-Al) which makes them sound Hebrew.

Ayelet Zurer, the Israeli actress playing Lara, his mother, can tell you that.


You’ll often hear Son of El, as the Kryptonians call him in the movie. Not Son of Jor-El. Not Kal-El. Son of El.

El, Allah,  Elohim, Eli, they all mean God, whether in Hebrew or Arabic.

And during the denouement, Clark tells the general Calvin Swanwick that he isn’t a threat to the planet, and certainly not to the U.S., because, mind him, Clark has been on earth for 33 years. Basically his entire life.

Jesus was crucified when he was 33 years old.

So, those are some of the obvious typical Zack Snyder’s symbol obsession you can find in Man of Steel. There are more, but I’m just going through a path Mr Snyder has set up for our Man of Steel to walk.

In Dawn of Justice, our Kal-El is still burdened with the duty of the saviour as ever.


For our God, Superman, the most noticeable underlying motif  for his character in BvS: Dawn of Justice is the allusions to the Station of the Cross.

The Agony in the Garden.

Jesus went to pray to his father in the garden of Gethsemane on the mount of Olives while the others slept



“While I ate my hero cake, their horses were drowning.”


Jesus is condemned by the Sanhedrin court.


o4nxwdcqg5ilpezo4ei-oThey both never get to have the chance to say in their own defence.

Jesus takes up his cross.


Jesus meets his mother.


“Be their hero. Be their monument. Be their angel. Be whatever they need.  Or be none of it.”

Jesus meets the women of Jerusalem, and Veronica wipes his face.

Veronica means “the bearer of Victory”, which I’m associating with the Kryptonite spear, in the hands of Lois Lane.

Christ also told the women of Jerusalem not to “weep for him”,  just like Clark, whose last words to Lois are “This is my world. You are my world”. He has made the decision, so that his worlds will last, even if it means he is not going to be and able to live see her in this land he has dreamt of making; a hopeful one.



Jesus Falls under the Weight of the Cross

I’m looking at the weight of the cross as the weight of sins of man, which the man of this movie unleashes on him. Batman, and his human quality, his rage — a deadly sin — and the doubt he has for this messianic figure, this… false god who thinks he is all powerful.

“ํI bet your parents taught you you mean something.”

Bitterness of a man.


Moreover, Bruce also represents the centurion-turned-believer Longinus, who, after the thrusting the spear into Jesus Christ’s side, was given back his sight, healed of his blindness, when blood fell upon him.

Clark’s death cured Bruce, giving back a more optimistic view of the world, his hope, and the Batman we know.

Jesus entrusts Mary and John to each other


(Nice touch on her necklace, by the way.)

Jesus dies on the cross.


Deposition or Lamentation (Jesus is taken down from the cross)




You can even see crosses and doves in the background of the last picture. Aside from constantly wondering how the hell are they not all roasted by now, I’d also like to point out that white doves are a symbol of the holy spirit.

Also, dear Lois Lane.


Jesus is laid in the tomb.


But despite all these indications, he has been taught by his mother from childhood to be in control of his powers. He’s just a man looking for his place. Not an alien without a heart nor a god on earth.

However, somebody *glares* just cannot not believe the Clark was capable of being human.

“You’re not brave. Men are brave. “

Said by a rich kid with issues. A man with heartache, who dreams of bats bringing him to the light. A beautiful lie he so wishes to be true.

Because the arrival of the bats means the death of his parents and their funeral. He has lost everything, twice. Home, family, faith. His parents, his Robin, his manor, all the things a man might hold dear and deem precious and secure, gone, and along with them, his ethics.


In a nightmare, a Man-sized bat tears out Martha’s tombstone and devours him whole.

It comes from the dark, from his parent’s mausoleum.

Had they not died and gone into that mausoleum that day, there would not have been the Bat, and the darkness.

No matter how desperately he wishes that the light were real, it is only a beautiful lie. It has been twenty years, and he has come too deep to turn back to the mouth of the cave.

Psychoanalytically, to fall down, to go into a cave, or a dark place means to explore our unconscious, and the side we never knew we have.

The death of the Waynes pushes Bruce down and incites the release of his inner bats, creatures that he will later learn to suppress, so that he can act just like another millionaire playboy.

But in the night, his aggression bursts, without the control he’s lost long ago, he acts them out as as vigilante who might as well be using justice to justify dying, to be with his loved ones again, to end these heartaches.

When one has a self-defeating personality pattern, that person tends to be rather antisocial, retreating to his batcaves and all his toys that barely give him any reasons to go out.



“Some young lady from Metropolis might make you honest.”

Thanks to that one person who prevents him from being completely self-destructive. Alfred makes sure Bruce will still live, even with the lingering death wish.

“Things fall. Things on earth. “

It has been imprinted into a man’s heart that he needn’t be an angel to fall from paradise. A man, too, may be subject to such incident.

The women he rescues thinks he’s the devil because he wears his gloom inside out, because he admits that he has fallen, yet he is no devil, just a man of Terra, hurt, and bitter, and angry.

“And what falls is fallen. “

But whether from Terra or extraterrestrial, an enemy must be vanquished.

“One if by land, two if by air.”


No matter from whence they come, from the same earth, or from the sky, if they show as little as a potential of being in the same position as he is, if they even come remotely close to being in the same rank and status as him, Lex considers them a threat.

“The bittersweet pain among men is having knowledge with no power. BACEUSE THAT IS PARADOXICAL! “

That says it all. He’s got the IQ, he’s smart, and a ruler of his empire, why should that Kansas, arrogant boy who happened to be born with alien powers get what Lex deserves?

Why should that alien be hailed a god?

“No man in the sky intervened when I was a boy to deliver me from daddy’s fists and abominations.”

He also has a power complex. He has been hurt, and he used to pray, but no one came to save him, now he is hungry for the control he never had as a child.

Like Lucifer, he was once the son of his father, cast down into a living hell.

He hates his father and Godlike figures alike.

“Would you like to assume command?”
“Yes, I would.”

The Jolly Rancher scene tells us how Lex likes to play with power at hands.

He is wiling to do whatever it takes to bring destruction to this false god with the power he is so jealous of.  He has studied Xenobiology before, and has some clues as to what he must do.

(There is a Xenobiology folder among the files that Bruce hijacks from his server, so it kind of implies that.)

But he cannot just revive this General Zod; he also wants to be a part of this extermination. So he slashes his hands and let his blood drip on the body. This unorthodox and twisted resurrection will bring back whatever creature possessing, in parts, his DNA to kill Superman. To defeat and conquer the celestial one.

He’s willing to play the Devil.


“The red capes are coming.”

Everything that comes out of his mouth is about his vengeance towards god, or war.

The “redcoats” by Paul Revere, the “one if by air” from Longfellow’s poem are both about the war he was willing to wage against this Kryptonian wight.


Lex taps his fingers, for a horse galloping through the streets, when he talks to June Finch about the trial that he opposes and disapproves

The horse in Metropolis walks alone without a rider amidst the ruins, his police injured or dead.

Horses in front of the Supreme Court at the Capitol Hill went into a frenzy as the bomb goes off. The might be police horses, but they are never trained for war and battles.

There is a sculpture of a horse standing on Lex’s desk, a disfigured one.

The Langs’ horses died after their farm was inundated, according to Jonathan Kent.

Human’s faith, sense, mind, hope and certainty are fragile and deformed. Because humans are blemished, they lose their ways, panic, and can be broken, and killed.

These low-life humans are no competition to Lex or God — no matter what the senator does, or tries to do, if horses like them are without guidance, they are lost. If they’re not trained to be ready for combats, they’re worthless against him.

He longs to take the rein and conquer the impaired horse in him.

His attempts to not be as weak as other humans fail, because he hasn’t the strength that Bruce does, so he chooses to destroy.

The sword at the auction belonged to Alexander the Great

The sword is said to have been the one that cut the Gordian Knot, the knot that, according to the prophecy, was to be undone by the person who was to rule Asia.

Alexander the Great. The Ruler. The Warrior. The Wise.

How different from Alexander Luthor, who only has the IQ, but with no power or anything of his own accomplishment.

Because what’s fake, is a fake.

Our god, man and devil are but problem children.

Clark feels guilty towards his fathers’deaths, so he chooses to sacrifice himself, to be utterly selfless. Scarily so.

Bruce chooses to do what fits current situations the most, some right, some wrong, some bad, some good, accepting the darkness to finds what’s left of the light.

Lex sees only power, and if he hasn’t got it, nobody will, therefore, he destroys.



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