Letter From A Bad Friend

Letter from a bad friend.

I never talked you into
Doing things you don’t want to;
That’s not what makes me bad.
Just what little I agreed to sacrifice.

If you’ve known me years ago,
Chance is I’ve stopped talking
And seeing you by now.
I look past you on the bus.
But I never try to hide.
Seems like I just forget about you.
You always wonder why.

You didn’t do anything;
I just went blind
To the memories some cherish.
To me, it’s all just a lie
From yesterday that
You annoyingly cling to.

We could be a game like any others,
But I tried it without playing.
And yet I hoped.

I wanted to see you break;
When you didn’t,
I got bored.
I wanted you two to fight
And break up,
And remain tormented acquaintances,
When it happened,
The fun was now a chore.

I wanted you to admit you were nothing
To say out loud that you wanted
My help, my stories, my game, my texts
To see that I loved what you made for me
When I shoved it in the bin the day you wrapped it
In gilded papers.
Silence would have been the only perfect answer,
Instead I gave you a wholehearted ‘thank you’;
which was what you wanted to hear.

I played no game in our love and friendship,
So it was nothing than a day-by-day interaction
Now read this and hate me and stop worrying
And don’t text me again
I never wanted your reaction.

– from ‘Every Empty Girl’
A collection of short stories and poems


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