Looking Down At the Stars

‘Looking Down At the Stars’

Looking down, out from the eyes of the night
How exquisite these lights I see
I hope I can reach them and turn back to
Where I don’t belong
But that would be an unwise thing to do
When I’ve come this far
Far enough to look down and see the stars
Of the city beneath

– 19/08/2011


I wrote this on a plane while we were flying over the Middle East. I was about fifteen and was going to spend a part of my life going to school somewhere so far away. As soon as the plane took off, it felt as if I was going into outer space.

I was watching Ghost Writer on the plane. I had gone to see it in the cinema a few months earlier and loved it. I was a cinephile. I wondered if where I was going had got as many cinemas as my hometown did. Would I get to go see movies at least once a week, as I always had done?

 I looked down, and I was right. It was outer space. My old life, the life I was given to begin with, was smaller than dust, and I was travelling across the stars.
I spent most of my journey playing movies as background noise and writing, so.. more ‘plane poetry’ coming.

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