My Religion

My religion


I recite words from books that have touched me and smelled my skin

I sing to hymns and melodies of rock bands and troubadours

I pray to questions unanswered, asked a thousand times throughout our times

I worship walls and ceilings made dance with colours, shapes and lines


I keep my ears opened, my eyes closed, and dive deep

I bathe in voices coarse as a halyard around my neck

Or flowing as the sail wind in my hair

In my eyes

I live their feelings in moments so brief, yet last

I down whatever burns and reach for the wonders of the world over me, beneath my feet, and beyond


As the one who consumes lives echoed by hands



And minds

I kneel to the line keeping me from crossing over to the other side of sanity

And life

The best kind of flirting there is for someone like me


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