I wish my feelings were strong

Enough to tie me down

Close to the shore, to

Keep me on the floor,

Never to let me go.

I wish I could lust so long

To obsess over you.

I wish I could look at someone

The way they want me to

Pin them to the wall,

My breath softly dissolving their ears.

I wish my tongue were shattered-glass sharp,

Enough to cut through everywhere it’s been,

So you’ll have something to hurt

That’s a bit more mendable than your heart.

I wish someone could read me

Easily as a sign of despair across your face,

The missing sign on your forehead,

So I’d never have to utter

Ever again

A single word,

Senseless to all but myself.

I wish I could feel like

How I want to be felt.

I wish you didn’t suffer yourself

By letting yourself be

With my love,

Colder than my touch.


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