Welcome to my world; an absent-minded writer’s sanctuary and conjuring space.


This page is fluctuative and unreliable, just like its writer. Please don’t expect anything here to be coherent or sensible. Nonfiction, fiction, analysis, thoughts, anything, speculative or not; what’s to be next depends entirely on her ever-changing self and mood.
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About Scavengress


“I’m no witch, no philosopher,

No artist in the limelight, and no better;

But I have words as my path and my guide.

Just a dreamer who lives inside

Her own hectic head.”

She goes by many names, among those are Scavengress and Anathema Willows.

She has a few published pieces, but nobody seems to enjoy her writing as much as the voices in her head, and maybe her editor. Maybe.

She can be found suspiciously lurking around in the middle of the night, wherever that is, here, on Fictionlog, and also on her Facebook page 

She loves books, movies, music, games, radio plays and theatre.
You can support her on Patreon at http://www.patreon.com/scavengress .