Dry Well

‘Dry Well’ (On writing during depressive episode) This well of mine seems quickly filled When there’s no one but me around Inside these empty walls This well, hollowed once, resonating truth Too loud and clear for my ears This well, the only thing I have Yet to drink from it is to dry out To […]

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Letter From A Bad Friend

Letter from a bad friend. I never talked you into Doing things you don’t want to; That’s not what makes me bad. Just what little I agreed to sacrifice. If you’ve known me years ago, Chance is I’ve stopped talking And seeing you by now. I look past you on the bus. But I never try […]

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Mountain waves

“Green waves swept in from the mountains, slouching over us. And we were surfers of time, passing through its static surge lining the road.” I went on a trip to get away, due to the depressive episode of my bipolar and the nearing deadline for my manuscript. I’m still not yet over it and can’t […]

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“Hey,” I knocked on the bathroom door, “What’s your laptop password again?” “Oh. Sorry. It’s eight-three-nine-oh-one-two.” “Huh?” “Eight. Three. Nine. Oh. One. Two.” “What even are those?” “Just a series of numbers.” “Well, it has to mean something.” “Does it have to mean anything?” her laughter echoed, “You’re boring.” ———————————————————– “เฮ่” ฉันเคาะประตูห้องอาบน้ำ “พาสเวิร์ดเปิดคอมเธออะไรนะ” “เอ้อ โทษที […]

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One of my secondary schools has this course that is supposed to teach the students about ‘life’. One day just before All Saints’ Day, our teacher takes the class of eight teenagers to the town cemetery not hundreds metres away from the school on Kerkhofstraat. I’d wager anybody can tell I’m, at the very least, […]

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Vampires Originated in India?

  There’s a theory that the idea of vampire-like creatures and their attributes originated in Ancient India; from the Hindu Pisachas and Vetala, to be precise. The mythology and tales were then carried with Romani people — the gypsies — when they went on an exodus from Nothern India to Eastern Europe, and, actually, all […]

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